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Look beyond the network with Skurio

Monitor for external threats, and take cybersecurity defences to the next level

Why choose Skurio

Skurio’s Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform continuously monitors the surface, deep and Dark Web, looking for threats to your customers’ businesses or data leaks. Skurio DRP combines continuous 24/7 monitoring with real-time alert notifications, allowing you to quickly triage and investigate any new threats, vulnerabilities, or data breaches, to minimise the impact of any incidents on behalf of your customers.

Managing cybersecurity inside your network is no longer enough

With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies and digital transformation driving complex supply chains, your customers’ corporate data is increasingly being stored and processed outside the network perimeter. Traditional cybersecurity approaches, like endpoint protection, intrusion detection, and network traffic analysis, are no longer enough to defend an organisation against data loss or targeted threats, particularly if a supply chain partner is hit. Digital Risk Protection provides an additional layer of proactive monitoring and reassurance for organisations of any size.

Dark Web Monitoring

Automated surface, deep and Dark Web monitoring for any threat or data 24-7

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Expanded sources and powerful filtering and analytics for threat hunting

Data Breach Detection

Instant notifications: SMS | email | teams, Manage investigations, Get analyst help in-app

Domain Monitoring

Detect registrations of look-a-like domains that can be used to scam customers or staff



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