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Example insights from the report

Shadow Data

The DRA identifies shadow data that is not properly classified, secured, ormanaged, which can pose risks to the organization, and recommends implementing appropriate controls.

Over Privileged Users

The assessment highlights accounts within the system or network who have been granted excessive or unnecessary permissions and privileges beyond what is required for their job role. These additional privileges include access to sensitive data, administrative controls, and the ability to perform actions that could potentially compromise the security of the system or data.

Over Exposed Data

Data that is confidential or private but is inadvertently or intentionally made accessible to unauthorised individuals or entities can be a major risk. As a result of poor protection practices, misconfigured security settings and the sharing of sensitive information through insecure channels, this poses significant risks to data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.

Data Sovereignty

Data is subject to the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which it is physically located, and is critical to the control and legal ownership of data. This report identifies where data is stored and transmitted. Measured against regulations to assess risk of legal consequences and data privacy breaches

Why Forcepoint?

Data security protects your secrets, your innovations, and the trust of your customers. Let's face it: cybersecurity is data security. e92plus partner with Forcepoint to deliver industry leading data security, to enforce consistent data security across the entire ecosystem. For partners, this brings years of industry-recognised solutions (read more at https://www.forcepoint.com/resources/industry-analyst-report/gartner-dlp-market-guide-2023), and a partner program that delivers outstanding support, margins and opportunities.

Safeguard Data and Intellectual Property

Discover, classify and protect structured and unstructured data throughout your business.

Comply with Regional and Industry-Specific Regulations

Streamline compliance with a library of 1,700+ classifiers and pre-defined policy templates.

Prevent Breaches Across Your Most Critical Channels

Extend data security to web, cloud, email, endpoint and network from one platform.

Next steps

The Forcepoint DRA is the perfect way to help organisations identify potential data security vulnerabilities in their data strategy, or evaluate their risk posture. The service is suitable for both existing Forcepoint customers, and new prospects, and is agnostic to whatever their existing cybersecurity solutions or infrastructure is, on-premise or in the cloud.

Want to learn more, run your own DRA or setup an assessment scoping call with a customer? Contact e92plus today, on 020 8274 7040 or complete the form above.