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See. Solve. Secure.

Red Sift's Digital Resilience Platform solves for the greatest vulnerabilities across your complete attack surface, including email, domains, brand, and your network perimeter.

Why choose Red Sift

Red Sift helps organizations see, solve, and secure vulnerabilities across their email, domain, and web attack surfaces. We stop the digital impersonation of an organization’s brand, employees, customers, and supply chain and continuously protect the perimeter.

Powered by computers not consultants Red Sift eliminates the need for expensive and slow consultants by using technology to deliver actionable insights straight to you. Importantly Red Sift’s Digital Resilience Platform is not a single point solution. Integrating into your existing tech stack, our applications are purpose-built and interoperable so data and processes can be easily shared across different branches of IT.

Discover your digital assets

Get deep discovery of your known and unknown public-facing assets.

Monitor your attack surface

Get real-time visibility into the state of the assets that make up your attack surface.

Secure your supply chain

Gain visibility into the security posture of your supply chain to identify potential vulnerabilites that need securing.

Block phishing attacks

Secure your attack surface against phishing attacks.

Secure your network perimeter

Discover your entire owned inventory of public-facing assets and monitor them continuously to prevent downtime and stop breakage.

Ensure digital compliance

Implement the right systems, protocols, and tools to align with governmental and regulatory frameworks.

Build a cyber-first culture

Protect your employees from phishing attacks, augment traditional training, and foster a cybersecurity mindset.

Protect your digital brand

Stop cybercriminals using your brand to commit fraud.



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