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Actively block phishing attacks. Stop email impersonation. Protect your customers' brand.

Red Sift makes it simple for your customers to use email security.

Why choose Red Sift

Red Sift is a global company making vital cybersecurity products easily accessible to organisations of any size.

Using the power of the Red Sift platform we focus on the speed and power of automation, rather than the knowledge of consultants, providing our customers with an evolving suite of ready to go cybersecurity products.

OnDMARC (Email Protection) Protect your domain from email impersonation

Award-winning cloud based applicaion enables organisations to utilize fast automated business email protection by quickly configuring SPF, DKIM and DMARC for legitimate email sources in weeks, not months.

OnINBOX (Anti-phishing) Intelligent email threat detection

By deploying OnINBOX across your organisation you're effectively giving each employee a dedicated security expert that points out the risks in every email.

Every warning is the result of a technical risk assessment completed by scanning the email's hidden DNA and cross-checking it with both your Trust Network and machine learning models that understand human language and relationships.

InGain (Data Monitoring) Safeguarding the data that matters to you

InGrain uses a software based agent that works with any cloud provider, and integrates deeply with the Linux Kernel for unmatched observaility. A one-stop solution that automatically detects unusual activites in containers, malicious workloads, or potential insider threats in real-time.



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