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e92plus announce new identity-first security partnership with Keyfactor

November 2023

by Hannah Long

To bolster digital security and identity management, e92plus are thrilled to officially announce an exciting partnership with Keyfactor, a leading provider of Digital Trust solutions. This collaboration aims to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to address the pressing needs of the modern digital threat landscape.

In today's hyper-connected world, the importance of robust identity management and security measures cannot be overstated. Keyfactor's suite of services is designed to empower organisations in achieving the highest level of Digital Trust. This partnership promises to redefine the way businesses manage and secure their digital identities.

Keyfactor's solutions cover a wide spectrum of essential features:
Authentication: Keyfactor equips organisations to properly certify the identities of network devices, workloads, and individuals. This ensures that entities within an organisation are who they claim to be, enhancing security and reliability.
Encryption: Communication is a cornerstone of modern business, and Keyfactor's encryption solutions provide an impenetrable shield against unauthorized third-party interception. Your sensitive data remains secure and private.
Signing & Verifying: Software updates are critical in maintaining system integrity. Keyfactor protects the authenticity of these updates, ensuring that your software and systems remain secure and trustworthy.

This comprehensive approach to Digital Trust doesn't stop at traditional enterprise IT environments; it extends to encompass on-premise and multi-cloud setups. Furthermore, it addresses the emerging challenges presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) space, embedding a trusted and unique identity into each device from its design phase and maintaining that security throughout its product lifecycle.

A key advantage of Keyfactor's offering is the ability to replace legacy or single-vendor Certificate Authority (CA) solutions with a scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform. This PKI platform can adapt to businesses of all sizes, covering devices, workloads, products, users, and even code.

The e92plus and Keyfactor partnership is poised to bring immense value to e92plus partners and customers alike. This collaboration looks to elevate security standards, providing a more robust framework to safeguard digital assets and manage identities effectively. Through this partnership, e92plus aims to deliver innovative solutions that enhance the security posture of partners and customers. 

For more information about the partnership between e92plus and Keyfactor and how these solutions can benefit your organisation, please dont hesitate to reach out. 

About e92plus

For e92plus, it’s all about being channel-first. Since we started over 30 years ago, we’ve been dedicated to empowering our partners and helping them accelerate their business growth. We’re now the UK’s biggest dedicated cybersecurity VAD.

For our reseller partners, our expertise in cybersecurity has helped them protect thousands of organisations across the UK, with our in-house teams supporting our channel community every step of the way. With a portfolio that includes the most exciting, innovative and disruptive technology in cybersecurity – from market leaders to start-ups, we’re committed to delivering outstanding value to our thousands of customers with a channel-first approach. We’re also helping our partners build their managed services practices, and embrace the cloud revolution through our dedicated e92msp and e92cloud divisions.

About Keyfactor
Keyfactor brings digital trust to the hyper-connected world with identity-first security for every machine and human. By simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and securing every device, workload, and thing, Keyfactor helps organisations move fast to establish digital trust at scale — and then maintain it. In a zero-trust world, every machine needs an identity and every identity must be managed.