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Forrester - Tufin Accelerates Innovation and ROI

November 2023

by Colin Brown

Organisations of all size have valuable digital assets, from customer information to IP. Excessive manual work, lack of visibility into vulnerabilities and connectivity errors result in increased attack surface and substantial costs in managing network security and compliance activities.

Tufin have made available the Total Economic Impact™ Of Tufin, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tufin, May 2023, that discusses the benefits of investment in Tufin, such as:

- 94% reduction in effort for network change analysis
- 95% increase in audit and reporting efficiency
- 80% reduction in risk of vulnerability-related breach
- 75% reduction in application connectivity management effort

In this exclusive report on the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Tufin, interviewees noted that they relied on tribal knowledge, spreadsheets, and manual processes before embracing network automation. As a direct result of these pain points, Forrester’s research concluded that the primary reasons companies adopt Tufin are to:

- Enable the business to deliver apps and services faster.
- Strengthen security posture and enable more granular segmentation.
- Automate network change workflows and policy management and reduce SLAs.
- Gain a centralized view of the network topology and security policy configurations.

You can access a complimentary copy of the report here