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e92plus launches new podcast series

December 2022

by Colin Brown

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new video and podcast series - Return of the Hack. In this series we explore some of the most interesting stories in cybersecurity. There’s no pitch, no product - simply conversations with people from every part of our community, from brand leaders to technical experts & research analysts.

Return of the Hack is available to watch on YouTube, or download as a podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Amazon Music.

Neil Langridge, Marketing & Alliances Director at e92plus, said "The cybersecurity industry is incredibly dynamic, and a very exciting place to work in. However, it's also full of buzzwords, vendor-speak and PR that unfortunately hides so incredible stories and insights. Our new podcast series is all about what goes on behind the scenes, what's next on the horizon, and sharing some amazing tales from a few familiar faces to the cybersecurity channel as well as few people you might not have heard from before". 

In episode 1, Neil spoke to Dave Barnett, Head of SASE and email security EMEA at Cloudflare, about business email compromise, how it's evolved and the role people play in cyber defences, and the development of cloud cybersecurity.

See the season hub with all the links you need at www.e92plus.com/podcast