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Could I Hack You. The cyber side of social engineering

05 Jun 2023 15:30 Location: Online

Could you be hacked?

It's a question many of us might hope to answer no, but without a doubt, humans are viewed as a soft target for many criminals look to exploit vulnerabilities in cyber security defences. Whether it's our dodgy passwords, over sharing on social media or ability to be manipulated, we are now under attack.

To explore the dark side of social engineering in the world of cybersecurity, we're hosting a unique insight from Jenny Radcliffe - the People Hacker.

'From an early age, locked doors, high fences and the secrets kept by businesses, buildings and people, fascinated me. I wanted to find out what they wanted to hide away.'

A burglar for hire, con-artist and expert in deception and physical infiltration – Jenny Radcliffe is a professional people hacker. After being schooled in the art of breaking and entering by her family, she became an expert social engineer, doing an insider’s job to exploit the flaws and weaknesses in top-grade security operations.

The webinar keynote will be from Jenny Radcliffe, followed by contributions from our sponsoring vendors, with insights into their perspective of the threat landscape, and how cyber criminals are targeting people to exploit their weaknesses. They’ll provide details of how social engineering is used to exploit weakness in cybersecurity defences, and how organisations can fight back.

We’ll finish with a panel discussion between the speakers, taking audience questions.

As a bonus, all attendees will also receive a copy of Jenny’s new book!

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