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Join the Red Team for a Hacking Demo

07 Feb 2023 14:00 Location: Online

Global organisations spend billions each year on cybersecurity. Yet serious breaches are still happening on a regular basis. Understanding why will be critical if organisations want to better manage cyber risk.

To dig deeper, security teams need insight into the modus operandi of modern threat actors.

What tools and techniques do they use? And how do they deploy them to steal and encrypt sensitive data? This is not about promoting Trend Micro products.

In this technical webinar, the Trend Micro "Red Team" will demonstrate some of the most common tools and tricks of the cyber-underground and how defenders can better protect, detect and respond to them.

  • Learn how and why cybercrime groups succeed
  • Understand the tools and approaches used by today’s threat actors
  • Get pro tips on defending against cyberattacks

The webinar is for a technically oriented audience which wants to learn about today’s cybercrime tactics and techniques and procedures (TTPs).

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