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Secure the digital future

WALLIX protects identities and access to accelerate your digital transformation

Why choose Wallix

WALLIX simplifies cybersecurity. By protecting identities and access to IT infrastructure, applications, and data, with a focus on Privileged Access Management, WALLIX solutions ensure compliance with the latest IT security standards and protect against cyber-attacks, theft and data leaks linked to stolen credentials and elevated privileges to sensitive company assets.

The portfolio is focused on a seamless user experience that's easy to deploy, simple work with and maintain, from cloud security to on-premise networks, remote workers to steamlined cybersecurity for IT-OT-IoT networks.

Privileged Access Management

Defend against the threat posed by privileged users.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Eliminate local admin rights and stop ransomware.

Identity Access Management

Simplify user access to enterprise applications (IDaaS).

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strong authentication to verify user identities.



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