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As a born-in-the-cloud cybersecurity specialist, we’re committed to protecting organisations as they embrace the opportunities of digital transformation. We work with partners to bring innovative and disruptive technologies to market, redefining how security protects apps, users and data from the next generation threats, while meeting today’s complex compliance requirements.

About e92cloud

The potential of cloud computing is transforming organisations of every size, and it’s redefining how we work. Within the next 12 months, it’s expected that 90% of organisations will have applications or infrastructure in the cloud, and that market is growing over 20% every year. The biggest challenge in in embracing this digital transformation? Cybersecurity.

Yet with users, data and applications spread across traditional networks, private data centers and public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google, how can legacy security technologies provide effective protections for users and data? These challenges need a fresh approach, and expertise in cloud security.

e92cloud is a cloud security VAD, and we’re built for the cloud generation. We work with the next generation of vendors, from brand new start-ups to fast growing enterprises that are already working with the largest FTSE and NYSE organisations.

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