The Channels Social Network Platform

How does it works

e92social is a unique social media amplification platform that is the first in the UK channel to offer multi-vendor content to resellers. e92plus are the only distributor to offer this type of service to better connect vendors with their resellers.

Step 1

Step One

e92plus creates posts and tags these by territory, language, topic and customer targets.

Step 2

Step Two

You review, edit, discard or approve these new posts.

Step 3
Step 4

Step Three

Your posts are published onto your social media sites.

Step 5

Step Four

Your followers and prospects read your posts and contact you for more infomation.

View the Results!

See how many interactions (Clicks, Downloads, Retweets and Likes) and Social Leads you’ve generated on the dashboard.

The Extra Step

With Social Leads, customers can even request an email or call from you.

The Benefits

e92social places important vendor information in front of end users and helps reseller partners simply and easily promote and distribute vendor content across their social media accounts.

Which include popular social networks LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, without any effort, helping position themselves as a thought leader with fresh, engaging content.

Social Networks
Grow your social Networks
More interaction
More interaction with prospects
end-user content
Publish fresh end-user content
trusted advisor
Position yourself as a trusted advisor
IT decision makers
Influence IT decision makers

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