Intuitive and Highly Secure

With the SecurePIM App, your employees can access company data easily and securely. SecurePIM’s intuitive interface enables employees to use the app immediately on their mobile devices — without costly training. Corporate data is highly encrypted and housed in the secure Container app on the mobile device.

The Efficient Business App for Mobile Productivity

Secure access while on the go

The SecurePIM App gives your employees easy and fully secure mobile access to business-critical data, such as emails, contacts, documents, appointments, tasks, and notes — anytime, from anywhere!

Security and convenience

The SecurePIM App reliably stores business information in the secure Container, keeping it isolated from employee’s personal data. This innovation enables the device to be securely used for both professional and personal purposes without putting business information at risk.

Easy installation

This free smartphone and tablet app for iOS and Android™ is available online and easy to install.

NOTE:The SecurePIM App is included in SecurePIM Office and SecurePIM Government and can be used in combination with both packages.

SecurePIM Advantages

  • Easy configuration and management via the SecurePIM Management Portal
  • Support for both Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) arrangements
  • Access to emails, contacts, and documents, as well as intranet pages by means of a secure browser and secure camera for iOS and Android
  • Data is encrypted when sent from, received by or stored on the device
  • Secure and monitored access to corporate data
  • Simple alternative to Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions

The App for Secure Mobile Corporate Work

SecurePIM enables your employees to access business-critical emails, calendars, documents, and more using smartphones and tablets. All the company’s data is highly encrypted and placed in the secure Container. With SecurePIM, you can grant your employees secure access to your company’s sensitive data in a simple and reliable fashion while protecting their privacy.

SecurePIM App

SecurePIM Functions

  • Email, calendar & contacts
  • Browser, documents & fileshare
  • Notes & tasks
  • Camera & pictures

Unbeatable Advantages

  • Multiple MS Exchange & IBM Domino accounts
  • Easy-to-use email encryption
  • Secure access to fileshare

All-in-one Calendar: Personal & Business

  • The Managment Jour Fixe
  • The important customer meeting
  • Your own wedding …every appointment is in there

Always Safe

  • All data is login-protected
  • With PIN, password, or touch ID/fingerprint

SecurePIM App Functions

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Browser
  • Camera
  • Voice

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