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25 May 2022 15:00

Ping Advanced Technical Enablement Webinar

Location: Online

Add Intelligence to Authentication Flows using Risk and Fraud Signals

Modern Authentication is more than signing in with your password, it goes beyond MFA, beyond passwordless. With Adaptive Authentication, Ping Identity can take risk levels into account and apply the appropriate level of authentication for the given level of risk. With Adaptive Authentication we can avoid making low-risk activities inappropriately burdensome or high-risk activities too easy.

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In this webinar, Ping Identity’s Partner Technical Enablement Specialists will walk you through a series of real world authentication scenarios. They demonstrate how Ping can help you reduce MFA Fatigue and the burden of authentication while increasing security.

You will leave with the tools you need to demonstrate this use case to customers, and knowledge of the background capabilities and products used to make this happen.

During the webinar Ping will cover:

  • A demonstration of Ping Identity's Adaptive Authentication capabilities
  • An understanding of the "under the hood" configuration of Ping Identity's Demo application
  • The tools needed to demonstrate Ping Identity's capabilities in Adaptive Authentication

This webinar is exclusive for members of the Ping partner network.

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