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26 Oct 2021 14:00

Bitdefender - Day in the Life - Patch Webinar


Join e92plus and Bitdefender to learn more about Patch Managment.

Most MSPs try to keep customer systems up to date with security patches, but inefficient tools make the process slow and tedious, increasing the window for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Bitdefender Patch Management enables you to automate OS and Applications patching with fine-grained controls and robust reporting that can support compliance requirements. It covers your customers’ entire Windows install base - workstations, physical servers and virtual servers – and enjoys support for the largest base of third-party applications.

Key Benefits:

- Minimize security risks by drastically reducing time to patch critical vulnerabilities
- Improve your cyber hygiene and IT team’s productivity - automate patch scans, deployment, and reporting
- Improve customer productivity with up-to-date applications and fewer issues or slowdowns

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