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NComputing - vSpace Client for Windows
vSpace Client for Windows allows you to lower costs while adding new capabilities such as remote, mobile, and legacy PC access to NComputing vSpace deployments. New and existing customers can now extend the value of our easy to use, but incredibly powerful vSpace Server desktop virtualization software to any Windows PC, laptop or netbook.

Radically Simple

Until now, only NComputing client devices such as the L- or M-series could be used to connect to a vSpace virtual desktop. By simply installing vSpace Client on Windows devices, users can now enjoy mobile and remote access to a familiar environment hosted on their existing vSpace Server. vSpace Client supports keyboard, mouse, display and audio redirection to maintain the high-quality experience expected by users. Access to vSpace desktop sessions is enabled at the server, so vSpace Client can be freely installed on any PC to connect to the server as needed. The client can run multiple instances and connect to more than one session and more than one vSpace host server at the same time.

Incredibly Powerful

Users with PCs, laptops or netbooks can now access their managed virtual desktop across a LAN or WiFi connection from home or remote locations. Organizations can now focus on delivering well-managed desktops and applications, and provide their users with the latest generation Windows computing environment without the need to replace their hardware or deploy individual software upgrades. By deploying a mix of high performance thin clients and Windows PCs with software clients, customers can gain the benefits of desktop virtualization incrementally, introducing centrally managed desktops and applications to previously unmanaged PCs with controlled and scalable deployments. 2008 R2/2003, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011/10 and Ubuntu Linux 10.04 for multi user applications, and Windows 7 64/32 bit and Windows XP for single user applications.


With vSpace Client, organizations can leverage existing hardware investments by repurposing old or out-of-date Windows OS devices to access virtual desktops, or by enabling support for a “bring your own device” computing model. By managing applications and desktops centrally, customers can avoid costly and time consuming individual PC hardware and software upgrades. IT managers can take better advantage of their infrastructure investment, serving up to 100 concurrent client sessions from a single vSpace Server. With vSpace Client, users can increase their productivity, IT managers gain new capabilities and lower computing costs, and the organization has a clearer path to meeting its goals.

Key Features & Benefits

• Access vSpace virtual desktops from any Windows device from any location with a LAN or WiFi connection

• Repurpose existing or personal PCs (BYOD) to leverage hardware assets

• Deliver a Windows 7 desktop environment to PCs without individual upgrades

• Extend benefits of centrally managed virtual desktops to unmanaged PCs

• Reduce PC administration upgrade and replacement costs

• Supports Windows XP Windows 7 client OSes

Download the vSpace Client for Windows datasheet here.



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